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Advanced SER
Advanced SER? enables you to collect copies of all the outgoing emails from the particular PC. This program monitors outgoing traffic of the target PC's email client and intercepts all the messages sent from it. Intercepted emails are forwarded to a pre-specified email address. Advanced Stealth Email Redirector (Advanced SER) does not intercept emails sent from web-based email services like, etc.

Advanced SER (Advanced SER) Screenshot


To install Advanced Stealth Email Redirector? do the following:

  • - unpack (unzip) the package you have downloaded to any folder (You could use WinZip software ( or any other similar program to do that);
  • run aser.exe file;

  • enable "Redirector is active" option;

  • enter the email address;

  • reboot your computer.

After the computer is rebooted, Advanced SER? will be installed and running.


To uninstall Advanced Stealth Email Redirector do the following:

  • run aser.exe file from the folder, where Advanced SER? is located;

  • disable "Redirector is active" option;

  • reboot your computer;

  • delete the Advanced SER? program folder.


To configure the program, run aser.exe file where you have the following options:

  • "Redirector is active" option - to activate/deactivate the program;

  • "Import key" option - to run the key file of the program registration;

  • "Set password" option - to assign/change the access password for program;

  • Email addresses, where all outgoing emails will be copied to;

  • "Override default SMTP service port" option - to change the port number.

See settings of your regular email software to find out which SMTP port is used. Almost always default SMTP port (25) is used but there can be exceptions.

Limitation of an unregistered version of the program:

An unregistered version of Advanced SER? is fully functional except for Windows startup warning message ("All your outgoing emails will be copied to the following email address"). It will disappear after the program registration.

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