A British student was sentenced to jail for using keylogger

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A British student was sentenced to jail for using keylogger.

A Birmingham university student plugged hardware keyloggers in school’s computers. With the help of spy soft he managed to access the exam application and increase his marks, and consequently, has been jailed.

The Telegraph reports that bioscience student Imran Uddin, 25, was sentenced to 4 month of jail after using a keylogger to steal staff passwords at the University of Birmingham in the UK. Uddin “improved” his marks on five exams. According to The Telegraph, he was admitted guilty at Birmingham Crown Court under the Computer Misuse Act and was jailed.

The court heard that Uddin attached some device onto the backs of numerous school computers. That device allowed him to steal university staff passwords.
He came under suspicion in October 2014 when staff found a spying device while performing a routine upgrade on a computer at the bio-science faculty. Staff checked other computers and found three more hardware keyloggers.
Upon searching his personal computer, police found that the former student had looked on eBay for keylogger and had also tried to enter the university marking system.