Hundreds of Pentagon personnel are subject to total surveillance by US Government


The surveillance is part of the “Insider Threat” program. Secrecy News has obtained the report to Congress according to which virtual activities and correspondence of at least a hundred thousand personnel at the Defense Department are being monitored continuously.

The “Insider Threat” was adopted in 2013 and require federal officers to notice and report law authorities about any strange behaviour of co-workers or their intent to disclose confidential information. As most experts agree, this program actually prompts employees to spy after each other.

Monitoring of Pentagon employees is performed by two major systems: Automated Continuing System (ACES) and ACES Next Generation system. The first one conducts “point-in-time records checks” and “pulls” data from “trusted data sources”, and the other automatically pushes relevant updated information to the system.

As the document says, monitoring employees who have access to secret data helps in analyzing possible sources for potential threats from inside. In fact, the following agencies and areas are involved: law enforcement, counterintelligence and network behavior monitoring.

As Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has previously described, the system of “continuous evaluation” is designed to monitor “electronic behavior on the job as well as off the job.” He believes, that by September 2016 the “Insider Threat” program would have several data streams, which would be relied upon to detect potential threats.