Keylogger in the form of a USB-charging device can intercept information from wireless keypads


When we talk about keyloggers, we primarily mean hacking tools, installed on the victim’s computer, which allow you to record all the keystrokes for the purpose of stealing information. It is commonly known that such a risk is fairly easy preventable by regularly scanning your PC for viruses and other malicious software. However, these security measures are not a hindrance for the device invented by an enthusiast named Samy Kemkar (Samy Kamkar).

This device called Keysweeper looks very similar to a charger with a USB interface; if necessary, it can even recharge any of your mobile gadgets. But at the same time, it is able to monitor keys pressed on a wireless keyboard (at least of Microsoft products), record them, and then send the data to the hacker. The solution is based on Arduino platform that can be bought with just a few dollars, which makes building such a “bug” affordable indeed.