Spying on employees’ computers: pros and cons


More and more companies encounter the problem when their workers use office hours for their private purposes instead of professional duties. They negatively influence company’s efficiency and cause financial losses.

Some employers solve this difficult issue by spying on their workers’ computers. The others deem this unethical. Let us get into this problem and find out which opinion is true.

Spying on employees’ computers – arguments in favour:

A large team of workers.
It’s not hard to monitor personnel if there are just about ten people in a company. But what must a company do when there are lots of them – one hundred or even more? To trust they would perform their work diligently during office hours? This way of management is full of risk, because the whole business may suffer. In such a case, tracking the activities at office PCs is justified.

Then, a moral issue.
Who is cheating whom?
The opponents of spying usage state that it is not ethic. Another question is arising here: is it ethical for a worker to cheat his employer? Keep in mind that every staff member is paid for his working hours. According to labour agreement, he should devote them to his work. Alternatively, he spends working hours for personal goals thus violating the agreement terms.

Spying on employees’ computers – counter arguments:

Such spying seems to show distrust from employers. It may lessen loyalty to the company and negatively affect general spirit in the team.
Another fact is dismissal. Many of employees may quit the job if they get to know about being spied on. Even more so, when an organization uses employee monitoring software allowing to intercept private correspondence or record conversations via headset, confidential information can be captured. It is not reasonable to use such spying soft unless your company has specific high security rules.

Should there be any spying on employees in the workplace or not?

Before you start using employee monitoring software, set your goals.
If there is a lot of important confidential information inside your company, you would better use spying methods in order to exclude data leakage. In such a case, you would need a program with keylogger (to log any key strokes) that can also take screenshots and capture webcam photos.
Spying employees’ computers has always been a tough and disputable issue. However, if you take into account all the arguments concerned, make a well-considered decision and chose a proper software, you will succeed in avoiding a whole bunch of negative outcomes.